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A list of necessities for long distance move

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Planning a long-distance move will be an intimidating task. Understanding the necessities for a long distance move is crucial for a smooth transition. According to a survey by the American Moving and Storage Association, about 35% of Americans move for job-related reasons, and many of these relocations are long distances. Hendra Moving and Storage recognizes the challenges you face during this significant life change and aims to provide practical guidance and support to make your move as effortless as possible.

Packing Supplies Are Necessities For Long Distance Move

Proper packing is the cornerstone of any successful move. In fact, the right supplies can reduce the likelihood of item damage by up to 80%. Begin with sturdy moving boxes in various sizes to accommodate different types of belongings. Strong packing tape is also essential for securing boxes, while bubble wrap and packing paper protect fragile items. Don’t forget permanent markers for clear labeling, which streamlines unpacking at your new home. A helpful tip is to pack a separate “essentials” box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, like toiletries and basic kitchenware. Remember to pack a separate box for each family member.

Also, don’t forget to pack a bag with your personal essentials:

  • Clothes for the first few days
  • Toiletries
  • Chargers for electronic devices
  • Important documents like IDs and insurance papers
  • A small selection of dishes and utensils for immediate use
Picture of packing tape and packing peanuts - necessities for long distance move
Moving cannot be executed without the right packing supplies

The Right Moving Truck or Service

When it comes to moving your belongings, the choice between renting a truck and hiring professional long distance movers can be a difficult decision to make. Most people prefer reading tips for hiring the best movers, as professional movers offer expertise and peace of mind. When considering a moving service, research their track record for reliability and customer satisfaction. If you opt for a truck rental, choose a size that fits your needs to avoid multiple trips. Also, thoroughly review insurance options and rental agreements to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances.

Storage Solutions

Sometimes, not everything can move with you immediately. The Self Storage Association reports that 10% of American households use storage facilities during moves. If you need temporary space for your items, look into self-storage units or portable storage containers. When choosing a storage solution, consider factors like climate control, security features, and access hours to ensure your belongings are safe and accessible when you need them.

Travel Accommodations

Your journey to the new home is as important as the move itself. For those driving, plan your route with regular rest stops and overnight breaks. This approach reduces stress and fatigue, making the journey safer. If you’re flying, book flights well in advance to secure the best rates. Also, consider rental car services if you need transportation upon arrival. Remember, your comfort during the trip can significantly impact your initial experiences in your new home.

Documentation and Paperwork

Organizing important documents is a critical step in your relocation process. Keep a file with essential papers such as moving contracts, lease agreements, and insurance policies. Make sure to have copies of personal documents like identification and medical records. Keeping these items accessible eases the transition into your new community. A digital backup of these documents can be a lifesaver in case of loss or damage to physical copies.

Picture of document binders
Your documents should always travel with you

Setting Up Utilities and Services at Your New Home

After a long-distance move, setting up utilities and services is essential. This is something that you have to do yourself, even if you hire long distance movers. In a survey, 70% of new homeowners cited transferring utilities as one of the top stressors. Start this process before moving. Contact utility providers in your new area to arrange water, electricity, and gas services. If possible, schedule their activation a day before your arrival. Research local providers for internet and cable services to find the best deals and coverage. The timely setup of these services not only provides comfort but also helps you settle into your new home quickly.

Updating Your Address Is Another One of The Necessities For Long Distance Move

Now, it’s time to update your address with various institutions. This is a vital step in the necessities for a long distance move. A checklist can be handy:

  • Postal service for mail forwarding
  • Banks and credit card companies
  • Insurance providers
  • Government agencies like the DMV
  • Subscription services and loyalty programs

Emergency and First Aid Kit

Next, prepare an emergency and first aid kit. Moving can be unpredictable, so it is always better to be prepared. In a study, 30% of people reported minor injuries during moving. Your kit should include:

  • Basic first aid items like bandages and disinfectants
  • Prescription medications
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Basic tools like a flashlight and batteries
  • Non-perishable snacks and bottled water

Having this kit handy during the move and the first few days at your new home can be a lifesaver.

The Comfort of Pets and Children Is Also A Necessity

Additional preparations are necessary for families with pets or children. About 40% of moving families report stress in pets and children. To help your kids move smoothly, involve them in the process. Let them pack a personal box with their favorite items. For pets, ensure they have comfortable carriers and familiar toys. Plan for pet-friendly accommodations if you’re driving to your new home. Keeping these family members happy and secure is crucial during this transition.

Picture of a woman and a girl sitting in a car
The necessities for long distance move also include the comfort of the ones involved in the move

The List Of Necessities For Long Distance Move Will Depend On Your Unique Needs

Concluding, a long-distance move can be a complex process, but with the right preparation, it can also be a positive experience. Each step requires attention and planning. Always remember, the key to a successful move lies in organizing and managing these tasks effectively. Making a list of necessities for long distance move is an unavoidable part of this plan, so try to make the list as soon as possible. By doing it in advance, you will have time to do every task from the list, leading up to a perfect moving experience.

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Yes, we offer professional packing and unpacking services for an additional fee. Additionally, we provide high-quality moving supplies Victoria BC residents know they can rely on. These materials are available for purchase to ensure the safety of your belongings during transit.

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Yes, we do offer cleaning services, which can be arranged separately for an additional charge. Right after our furniture movers Victoria BC leave our cleaning crew can help you leave your old space spotless and ready for the next occupants.

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Absolutely. We offer safe and reliable British Columbia car transport to ensure your vehicle arrives at your new address securely and on time. Our team will handle all the logistics involved in transporting your vehicle, providing you with peace of mind throughout the process.

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As one of the top Victoria moving companies we offer a variety of storage options to meet your needs, including residential storage, commercial storage, student storage, military storage, realty storage, piano storage, fine art storage, climate-controlled storage, and more. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage solutions, we have options available to suit your requirements.