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Transporting Pool Tables

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Moving and want to keep your pool table? Transporting pool tables isn’t easy due to their unwieldy size and their weight. Consider asking a professional for help. Otherwise, know that you’ll be in for a great deal of heavy lifting!

There are two ways to transport pool tables. Which you choose depends on the size and accessibility of your new home. Knowing where to put the table is also key in determining which method is right for you. Bring a measuring tape with you and make sure your new space not only has enough room for the table, but enough room for you to play. Your space must not only accommodate the pool table, but you should also have at minimum five feet of clearance to make sure you have enough room to comfortably play according to Billiards and Barstools

Moving Method 1: Transport Pool Tables On Wheels

Putting your pool table on wheels is the easiest method of transporting it from A to B. However, as with many easy things in life, this method obviously requires that your table not have to travel up or down a set of stairs. Pool tables should not be manually carried. Doing so might compromise the table’s level surface and leave you with a bunk corner pocket. It might also require a good deal of effort to fit through doorways, depending on how much help you have.


Rent or buy four flat dollies. Canadian Tire sells a variety. These will help you move your pool table along with other large pieces of upright furniture like cabinets or dressers.

Consider wrapping the feet of the table, as well as the corners with a thick fabric or foam to prevent scratches.

Place a dolly at every corner in preparation. As well, be sure to clear a path so nothing will impede your movement throughout the house and driveway.
When clearing a pathway, you’ll need to create ramps wherever the dolly’s wheels might need to move up or down slightly. Placing pieces of plywood or a wedge at these spaces will allow the wheels to move smoothly.

If moving across hardwood floors, consider taping down some thick plastic like tarp or vinyl to protect the floor from being scratched or damaged.

If you haven’t already done so, remove the balls from the table’s pockets and/or surface.

Carefully lift one end of your pool table up.

Make sure you have several helpers nearby in case the weight is too much for you to bear alone. You’ll need to tilt the table so that the dollies can slide under the pool table’s corner. It’s safer to have another person position the dolly rather than trying to do it yourself with your foot. Once all four corners are resting on a dolly, have a friend at each corner so that you may begin moving.
It’s an old adage, but worth repeating; Lift with your legs instead of your back!

Flat dollies often have a wheel jam built in to allow you to lift and apply pressure to the table without it moving.

Transporting Pool TablesSteady rolling

Keep a steady pace on the route you’ve planned to move your table. Keep control over the speed at which you and your crew moves. Pool tables are heavy enough to gather momentum and take you for a ride if you lose control.

Getting it into the truck

You’re going to need to do some heavy lifting here. Depending on the vehicle you’ve got handy, be it moving truck or pickup, you’ll need a ramp to get it in. Pool tables can weigh up to 900lbs, so get as much help as possible to perform this maneuver safely.

Moving Method 2: Transporting Pool Tables by Disassembly

If you lack helping hands, or if you need to go up or down stairs, or if you’re concerned about potential damage incurred if moved in one piece, this is the better method for transporting pool tables. Is it tedious? Yes, it is. However, it’s a lot safer for your movers and your table.


After removing all the balls from the table, check underneath the pockets and rails to see how the whole thing is attached. While most tables are screwed together, sometimes they are held together by staples. Depending on the table’s design, you’ll need a staple remover and/or screwdriver, a socket wrench, a sealable bag to keep screws in, a stapler, some heavy cloth to protect the wood and slate, and, of course, a truck.

If your table’s felt has been glued to the slate, you might need to buy a replacement layer.

Safety goggles are always a good idea to protect your eyes from falling staples or screws. You’ll be on your back and underneath the table when taking it apart.

Taking it apart

Lay on your back underneath the pocket and pry the staples out with a flathead screwdriver or staple puller. Remove staples and/or screws and place them in a clearly labeled box. After doing this, you’ll want to do the same with the table’s rails. These are typically bolted-in and can be slid out with relative ease once loosened.

With the rails and pockets free, you’ll be able to take the felt cover off the slate. Find the staples along the edges and remove them carefully. Take care when lifting the felt cover off if you plan on reusing it. A single tear will render the fabric useless. Alternately, this might be a great time to install new felt. Maybe switch from the classic green felt to something exotic.

Transporting Pool Tables - slatesA clean slate

Separate the slate from the table using your screwdriver or a power drill if you have one on hand. FYI: Slate is so brittle; the screws will likely be coated in beeswax. You can scrape off the wax easily with the end of a flat head screwdriver.

Depending on the type of pool table you own, there might be two or three pieces stacked upon each other. This helps prevent cracks in the surface from accidental impacts like dropped balls. This is the reason pool tables can weigh so much.

Strap down the slate when transporting it to ensure it doesn’t get damaged from a speed bump. Also be sure to cover it and stack the pieces carefully on top of each other. When stacking slate, it’s a good idea to have a piece of wood buffering the slabs from touching. This will prevent them from rubbing against each other and will create a steadier load.

Everything else

If your truck bed isn’t large enough to fit the table’s undercarriage, you may choose to take the rest of it apart. The remaining parts shouldn’t take up too much space. With help, it’s feasible for you to simply carry the rest of it out and pack it up with everything else. Just make sure all the pieces are sufficiently wrapped to keep the wood finish from getting scratched.

Still Need Help?

This task requires more than one set of hands. If you need help transporting pool tables, request an estimate today. Hendra Moving & Storage professionals can get your table into your new home faster than you can sink the eight ball. Request an estimate Here.

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